Major News: MOTW: The Official Site is UP!!!

Hey there.

This is my last official post on the MOTW blog site, but I make this with a major announcement.

Mark of the Wolf: The Official Site is now ONLINE!!!

After finally figuring out the bugs and getting several things downloaded, the site is now officially up and running.

Here's the link: http://markofthewolf.webs.com/

On this site, you'll be able to see just about all of the episodes, promos, and trailers at one site, plus photos and more. Also, you'll see a list of the men and women responsible for helping put the series together. In the coming days and weeks, you'll see more information to come including upcoming webseries episodes.

While this blog site will no longer be updated, the site will remain up as an archive of the series' development so far.

I want to take the time to thank Blogger for being the first home base for MOTW over these past few years. It's been a pleasure and I'd appreciate it.

But now's the time to move on to something bigger and better, so if you want to check it out, go to: http://markofthewolf.webs.com

Thanks again and goodbye from here.


Major News: MOTW Official Site Update; New Site to Launch by January 10th.

Hey there.

Before I go further with the news, I want to announce that this will be the next to last post from the MOTW blog site. I'll explain later on in this post.

Now, the last post mentioned that the official MOTW website was going to be up and running during the January 1-3 weekend.

Well that weekend came and went, and the site is still not up and running.

First of all, my apologies about that. Some factors were behind the delay, most importantly, dealing with several problems getting the look of the site to work. Also, I've had to deal with some real life stuff that took me away from working on the site.

So, with that out of the way, I am back working on the site and the new launch date.

If things work out, the new site will be up and running no later than January 10th. It may be up earlier than that, but the site will be up on 1/10/10. I kind of like the symmetry of that.

While getting the site off the ground, I've been noticing some new features that will be a part of it, including an offical MOTW Web Series roster, a place for photos and videos, and some other bells and whistles.

One of those new features is a blog site to post official news and updates.

Which brings me to this announcement: the moment that the new site is up, this very blog site will no longer be updated. I'll still keep it around as an archive for the time being. But, the next time I update this blog - when I announce that the new site is live - will be the last time.

I'll save the goodbyes and thank yous till then. But I thought I'd let you know right now.

Oh, and the MOTW Facebook page will launch on the 10th as well.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for the next -- and final -- post on the blog and the launch of the new website.


Major News: New MOTW Website Launching This Weekend!

Hey there.

Big news to share with you. After months of planning, the official web site for the MOTW movie and webseries will launch sometime this weekend.

Once the site launches, you'll see pictures, videos (including world premieres of episodes and promos and trailers), and more stuff right at the site. It'll be simple at first, but in the coming months the site will grow and expand as things move along.

Also, on the same day the official site launches, the MOTW page on Facebook will launch as well.

As for this blog site, things here will change once the new site goes live. It'll still be the home for news and information about both the series and the movie, but everything else regarding MOTW will be posted on the new site.

So stay tuned for the official launch of the new MOTW website this weekend.


Status Update: New Teaser Poster for Upcoming Episode, "Survive the Night"

Hey there.

Here's a look at the first teaser poster for the upcoming webseries episode, "Survive the Night".

My friend Josh Trett, who'll be doing this episode, put this together. From what he tells me, the script's just about done, barring some fine tuning. And, Josh will also be playing the lead role.

Stay tuned for further updates on this episode, and watch for its world premiere coming soon.


Major News:Photos from Upcoming Webseries Episode, Pet

Hey there.

Got a treat for you: a first look at photos from the upcoming MOTW Webseries episode, "Pet".

Now this episode from Emma Whitehall, will be unique, for this one will feature a female werewolf, a first for the series. When she sent me these pictures, which give a sneak peek of what the werewolf would look like, here is how she described the look and what she did to achieve it:

"I wanted our werewolf to have a slightly feminine look to her - she is still a strong, deadly animal, but the transformation still leaves her with an air of the human underneath it. Instead of having overly large gloves for paws, I attached some witch fingers to a pair of long sleeved gloves, and covered them with crepe hair. Under the dim light I think they look rather affective!"

Emma also included this sneak peek of what the ears will look like as well, even though they're still a work in progress. Here's how she described achieving that look:

"The ears are just a set of costume pixie ears, with the same crepe hair on them (the latex is still drying in the photo!) they fit quite nicely on without gluing them in place, but I think when it comes to filming I'll attach a little more hair to hide the seams."

Emma tells me filming is going well and will resume later on in the week. Watch for more photos as production continues and of course, catch the premiere of the full episode very soon.


Status Update: New Addition to Webseries Roster, Plus New Website Coming Soon!

Hey there.

Again, it's been a while since there's been an update on the webseries, but things are happening behind the scenes with writing (a few new story ideas have been put together) filming( at least one has begun production) and promotion. As soon as I get word on how things are progressing, I'll be sure to let everyone know.

I do want to extend a personal shout out to Josh Trett and his crew from Trett Films in England. Recently, Josh agreed to do an full length episode of the series. The episode, entitled "Survive the Night", will be written by Josh based on one of my story ideas. Currently, it is still in the writing stages, but I'll keep you posted on it's progress. Welcome aboard Josh!

Also, ever since the first promo trailer of the MOTW movie came out almost two years ago, I wanted to put together an official website for not only the movie, but the webseries as well. Well, I'm pleased to announce that it will become a reality very soon.

The official MOTW site will launch sometime by the end of the month or early December. Things will be limited at first, but soon the site will be the home to everything related to MOTW, from world premieres of the webisodes to all the news with the full length movie and everything in between. Of course, once the site is up, the blog site here will change its focus as well, but it will still play a vital role online.

I'm also looking into launching an official MOTW page on Facebook as well, probably around the time the new site launches, if not sooner. As for Twitter, right now that's not a focus because I'm not a subscriber to that social site. However, I may reconsider if there's enough of an interest to put MOTW on Twitter.

That's the latest for now. Stay tuned for future updates.


Major News: Filming Underway for New WebSeries Episode

Hey there.

Work has begun over the weekend on a new episode for the MOTW WebSeries.

Jackson Putnam from BrokenHouse Films -- the one behind the recent "Clock's Ticking" promo -- has informed me that he has started filming his episode, tentatively called "Intruder". He has also told me that he should have it completed very soon, perhaps sometime this week.

Stay tuned for further updates, including the world premiere of what will be the fourth episode of the series.